My objective is to craft products that deliver tangible benefits to users, thereby enhancing their experiences.

My name is Rohit Dasu, a Staff R&D UI/Frontend Engineer, passionate about gaming, traveling, and building products. I'm 26 years old, single, and based in Hyderabad, India.

My journey into the realm of coding commenced in 2013. At a mere 16 years of age, I wrote my first program in C, igniting a passion that has since remained steadfast. Subsequently, in 2017, I embarked upon my bachelor's degree in computer science, further deepening my fascination with the field. Motivated by this fervor, I pursued a master's degree in computer science.

I am presently employed as a Staff R&D UI/Frontend Engineer at Synopsys Inc, Hyderabad, India. Apart from this, I have dedicated myself to the open-source community by fostering connections between contributors and repository maintainers through the development of

I have successfully developed over 10 web applications that are currently being utilized by millions of users. Notably, one of these applications was inaugurated by the President of Tanzania.


  • synopsys.webp

    Synopsys Inc (Jun 2024 - Present)

    Staff R&D UI/Frontend
  • kellton_logo.webp

    Kellton / Tivix (Sep 2021 - May 2024)

  • rewoke_logo.webp

    Rewoke Technologies (Jan 2021 - Aug 2021)

  • centroxy_logo.webp

    Centroxy Solutions (Dec 2019 - Jun 2020)

    Software Developer

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  • Rohit is an excellent software engineer with a keen eye for detail. When Rohit joined the engineering team we were kind of drowning with poor code and Rohit just hit the ground running. He has solved some really tricky issues my team was facing all while doing a great job on his assigned projects. Rohit impressed the whole team with his knack to switch between technologies and pick up new technologies on the fly. Rohit is a great asset to a team and a wonderful person. I wish Rohit all the best in his future endeavours!!

    Kirti Thakkar, Senior Vice President of Technology at Imagine Homes

  • Rohit is a committed and skilled software engineer. Projects at Kellton require teams to learn quickly and solve complex problems, and Rohit consistently excelled at both. He independently expanded his skill set by learning new languages and tools when necessary, demonstrating a clear focus on meeting client needs. I am confident in his abilities and believe he would be a valuable asset to any future team or employer.

    Ross Fortney, Assistant Vice President, Product Manager at Bank of Marin

  • Rohit is a highly motivated and talented software engineer. During my time in Kellton, I have worked on 2 projects with him and in both of those he exceeded the expectations. He is a great team player and is always ready to learn new things. He consistently delivered high-quality code and possesses a strong command of front-end technologies and frameworks such as React/NextJS. I wholeheartedly recommend Rohit for any front-end development role.

    Ashish Adlakha, Tech Lead at Kellton

  • Rohit is a dependable individual! He worked with our team at Kellton. He excels at building features and providing support for existing ones that demand expertise in front-end technologies such as JavaScript, React, and Vue.js. He consistently grasps the entire requirements from Jira Tickets and Figma designs and flawlessly executes frontend development. Additionally, he is a committed team member who consistently delivers work on time. I highly recommend him for a senior or lead role.

    Rajat Sharma, Senior Backend Engineer at Kellton

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